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When I lived in Cambodia, everyone had business cards. You couldn't talk to someone in a bar without getting a new card to add to the stockpile in your wallet. Even my tuktuk driver had one with his phone number and yahoo email address on it--and he lived in a hut made from discarded wood down by the river.

I've never had a business card, although I found these sequined ones ages ago that I think would be appropriate. Thanks to a 12-year-old (oh hello fellow Gemini) I met from Japan, I now know exactly what I should put on it. All my hopes and dreams. I also feel quite intimidated by today's youth. Twelve and he's already doling out b-cards in foreign countries? At that age I was mastering arrowhead friendship bracelets and crushing on guys with frosted tips.

Oh and I blurred out his email address because I don't want any of you Mrs. Robinson types to harass him. See you in the stars, Taiga.

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