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I have a weird fear of unfamiliar toilets. It makes very little sense. For example, I have no problem doing whatever need be in the bathroom of my work place even though the bathroom there is considered public. The bathroom there is familiar to me so I'm all good. However, a truck stop on the inner state I've never been in before or the fanciest powder room on the Upper East Side, sorry. If I haven't sat on your bowl before it's a bit of a challenge. I think my fear stemmed from a Mad magazine comic strip I read when I was in the fifth grade. The comic featured a man who was cutting holes in the stalls of the women's bathroom and spying on women as they completed their business. Every time I use a public bathroom I get this weird irrational fear that someone could be watching. Like, what if there is a hidden camera in here and now my private piss is being projected on the big screen in the bar (why am I at a bar with a big screen, right?) What if there is someone on the other side of this wall peering in through some super tiny peep hole? Stupid fear, right? Wrong. I read a story today about a 22-year-old man from England who was dressed up like a mannequin and hiding out in the women's bathroom stalls watching patrons go. When police caught him in the locked cubicle, he told them he found the bathroom sexuality exciting and that it was a "good thing" they caught him because "maybe now [he'll] stop". That's pretty bold. "Police found three images of women's feet taken beneath cubicle doors on his mobile phone, and an audio recording of a flushing toilet, the court was told." When asked about his outfit, the man told police that he wore the same wig and dress out to a party and wanted to test it out at the mall. Weird, but now my fear doesn't seem so mental. I wonder if the toilet mannequin saw that same Mad magazine comic when he was a kid too?

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  1. he’s like peter lorre in m. he can’t control himself.

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