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Every time I think we've pushed it as far as it can go, it gets pushed just a little bit further. This Saturday was the most progressive and exciting snowboard competition I've had the pleasure of viewing. Not only were new tricks thrown for the first time in contest, but they were landed and thrown back to back in runs and by multiple people. Whither you love him or hate him, Shaun White is the most talented competitive snowboarder on planet earth at this time, no question. The new trick in snowboarding is double cork anything, which is when someone does a larger rotation like a 900 or 1080 but corks it two different times. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, just trust me, it's fucking cool and really hard. Shaun threw two of those back to back in his finals run at the NZ Open this weekend and landed both to take the win. He wasn't the only one though, at least five of the guys in finals that day were going for the very trick that won Shaun the contest, but none could land it and stay on their feet for the remainder of their runs. Luke Mitrani who threw a near twenty foot double Michealchuck (essentially a double back flip) first hit landed in second place, showing everyone he's going to be one to beat come Olympic time. It was really amazing to see so many different people pushing not only their own personal limits, but the limits of our sport. Basically those dudes are all crazy and I'm pretty sure some of them are robots, because they're so damn good.

Slopestyle finals were impressive as well, with Janna Meyen-Weatherby getting a bit robbed, but landing in second with a super stylish cab seven. Jamie Anderson took first place with her signature smooth style and consistent riding. Torstein Horgmo stood out for the men, with back to back tens and a 900 in his run. He ended up in second with Seb Touts taking first with a double cork ten melon on the last jump. Good riding all around. I wish I could have been in there riding, but I blew it in semis and didn't make it in..bummer mate!

If you get a chance you should check out pipe finals here and slope finals here.

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