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 I stumbled across Wieden+Kennedy's The Girl Effect ads again on TED TALK's Ads Worth Spreading project. The winter is a weird time for everyone, and I've taken to reading to cope with this one. Unlike my other bookworm phases however, this one has affected me differently. The more I've read, the more unbalanced and confused I've become. Not about one subject in particular, but to sum it up I guess I can say,  L-i-f-e. I'm still happy, positive and motivated, so it must be healthy. Its just very unfamiliar being in a state of constant confusion; knowledge overload? 

Anyway that's all to say, I'm still sure of one thing - I've never been so proud to be a woman. I am so grateful for the opportunities I've been given, and for my ability to excel in those opportunities.

Learn more about the Girl Effect here. And watch more ads worth spreading here.

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