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In case you've been under a rock or more concerned with, like, Fashion Week, The 2010 Winter Olympic Games will officially start tomorrow, in my hometown, Vancouver BC, Canada. (Right now the Olympic Torch is making its way around the various neighborhoods.) And, according to The New York Times, Canadians are pretty much a bunch of pussys. The committee in charge of improving Canada's Olympic medal performance, titled Own the Podium says they would like Canadians to win more than 30 medals on home soil. The New York Times says, "Talk like this, so nakedly ambitious, makes some Canadians uneasy. Theirs is a vast country that in many ways is run like a small town, with small-town values, and it has a highly developed culture of modesty, if not a collective inferiority complex. The athletic record in general is a little underwhelming, and some Canadians think that is because their countrymen prefer that, considering a good effort just as valuable as a trunkload of trophies, maybe better." So pretty much we're pussys.

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2 Responses to “The Olympics: Supposedly Canadians are a Bunch of Pussys”

  1. Gillian says:

    so far we have 11.


  2. Mira says:

    Now we have 15!

    And… we, all Canadians, do in fact own the podium. We paid for it with our tax dollars!

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