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Ok, that wasn't what the event was really called, but given the relaxed feel, amount of random people hoping on stage to play, and the lack of organization at times--including a solid 5 minutes near the end of the show the stage was empty and everyone started to leaveĀ  because they thought it was over--that's what it was pretty much like. Real title was The Third Annual Okayplayer Holiday Jammy featuring The Roots.

Here's Jenn (you may know her from here) rocking the hearty Black Magic Woman tee in fine form, at the show last night (Thanks for the real guest list hook up, girl!). Mos Def (with an old school red mic) and a bunch of others got on stage, including the lead guy from Fela (and like half the cast) to perform. Supposedly ?uestlove is a huge fan of Fela and says the only excuse you have to not go, is if you're dead. John Legend was walking around looking like a 1990's R&B Christmas album cover, white shearling coat and all. He, however, didn't get on stage.

This was the only pic I took, but Mel of Village Slum was on stage so much he was practically a part of the show. You can see his pictures of the evening here. Given his hands-on-get-that-photo-at-all-costs-hustle, they're obviously going to be great photos. Whether or not the audience appreciated it, is another story. I'm sure he definitely got the best shots though.

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