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On Saturday night, Anthony and me went downtown to celebrate our friend Cody's 29th birthday. We don't make it downtown much as we live on the Northshore, but we made the trek to Blood Alley in Gastown to a little wine lounge called the Salt Tasting Room. I'm not sure if I've ever expressed my profound love for food and cooking on this blog before, but it's up there with snowboarding as one of my biggest passions. In the last few years I've started to cook more and more and with every new recipe and every new dish I become more and more in love with it. So when Cody told us that his get together was going to be at the Salt Tasting Room (I had heard about it before and always wanted to go) I was really excited. As you enter you're greeted by a large brick wall with a huge wooden bar that runs the length of it, very euro seating which adds to the overall feel of the place. Our party was situated downstairs in the Salt Cellar at an equally large wooden bar and an even larger glass wine cellar. Now, the best part. They basically only serve meat, cheese and wine and a lot of it. The selection changes daily and is of the best quality. They even serve our friend Nick's wine from Rippon Vineyard in NZ. We ordered a bottle of that and let our server take it away with pairings that would match our Riesling. He did an awesome job, impressing us both with his knowledge of food and wine.

We spent three hours, eating, drinking and talking. If you're ever in Van and want somewhere laid back, with great food and wine then you should definitely try this place. I included a few photos below.

I'm heading to Whistler tomorrow to start my season...crazy. I'm looking forward to this season, I'm actually really stoked to start riding again and that's a really great feeling to have when riding around on snow as much as possible is your job.

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wine cellar


my favorite shot of the night. check the chalkboard of fresh ingredients.


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