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Okay. So its been a bit.... Fugg it.


This all chic group from the 60's seriously rocks. THE SHAGGS. Three sisters whose Dad pulled them out of school, gave them instruments, shoved them in a room, and made them start a band. With hardly any prior knowledge of mainstream pop music they are mega garage rock radical.. Off beat & out of tune. Captain Beefheart weird meets basement quality recordings. So so cool... I think they played like two shows outside of their small town in New Hampshire. And that was 30 years after their record came out. Other than that they just played their local town hall saturday nights. Not exactly a booooming musical career. But their vinyls a collectors item. And Kurt Cobain liked them! If I had one goal in life, it'd be for Kurt Cobain to like any fucking thing I ever did, ever. If he liked the way I blinked I'd die happy.

PS .. someone commented on one of The Shaggs videos on you tube "The Shaggs bring the fury". YES! youtube comments rock

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