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My dad used to sing that song to me, I loved it and I still know most of it by heart. It's a really fond memory I have from my childhood. It reminds me that when shit's hitting the fan, there's always a silver lining, there's always something to look forward to. In honor of my 'favorite things' here's a few blogs that inspire me, motivate me, make me laugh, make me cry and make me always look to the bright side.

Swampster Bate

My favorite blog by far. Dave is a good friend of my boyfriend Anthony, and he's a really unique and special soul. Wise beyond his years and an incredibly gifted writer, Dave's blog is a true look into who he is, what he believes and where he's going. Whenever I read it everything seems plausible, anything is possible. This kid inspires me on a lot of levels and it shocks me that he's only got 365 days on me. Makes me feel a bit useless actually, but motivates me at the same time.

From Hazel Eyes

Jill and I have been friends for nearly three years now and I don't think she's ever failed to make me smile. A true believer in every sense of the word, Jill's blog is blindly optimistic and surprisingly refreshing in our generation of sarcasm filled posts and pessimistic outlooks. There's never a hurdle too big or occasion not to smile for this beautiful young lady. That outlook, that pure devotion to happiness, is something I strive to have in my own life, which is why I frequent her site when I need to crack a smile or see the bigger picture.

Model Memos

Sophie and I used to play softball together, her Dad was our coach and she was one of the star players. Smart, athletic, beautiful and quick witted are all ways to describe her and judging on her blog, none of those attributes have gone away since I last hung out with her many years ago. We've stayed in the loop via Facebook, but I never had a look into what her life had become until a few months back when she started up Model Memos. She's spent the last four or five years modeling in Asia and these are the hilarious, self depreciating, model bashing stories of her life. She's brutally honest, self admittingly superficial and full of sarcasm. She's basically the exact opposite of Jill, minus the fact both of them are painstakingly beautiful. Every post has made me laugh and wish that Model Memos was a TV show and not a blog. 7th and Ocean with someone who's actually in possession of a brain sounds entertaining to me.

Life Like

Gabe L'Heureux is a filmer, photographer and the right hand man to Mr.Shaun White. He basically has the best job ever, looking after a superstar who travels the world snowboarding for a living. Gabe's travelled the world through his career and Life Like is a look into those travels. Always chocked full of beautiful photos and interesting stories, it gives perspective into the life of someone who's always on the move. The only downfall is that Gabe is too busy to update on a regular basis, but when he does it's well worth a look.

Fuck You, Penguin

Because sometimes you feel like reading about a dude who hates animals for being too cute. The best part is homeboy is making a living off of it. Good for a chuckle and full of funny looking and super cute animals.



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