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Vans opened their new House of Vans space in Brooklyn with a huge party this past Saturday night. After having dinner with the Vans Canada crew (Woop woop Canadians!) we packed into SUV's and headed out to Greenpoint. The space looks great and has a huge indoor pool to skate in (a la the West Coast) and a big outdoor skate park. There was way too much food (in a good way) and Vans had the photo booth up and running again so everyone put on their best awkward faces. One of the best parts was that Mi Mi was in town visiting (Love you!) so I got to hang out with her. Mos Def performed a bunch of other people's songs (well mostly he just danced around to other people's songs) and Public Enemy closed the night off with a boom! Below are some party pics I caught on my iPhone and of course tons of photo booth pics.

Hi Mi Mi!


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