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Have past and I've barely even noticed. Sorry for the lag in posts, I've been busy doing not a whole lot. I spent the last three weeks down in colorado testing product, shooting and training for the first stop of the winter dew tour which took place last weekend. The course was amazing, one of the best I've ridden in a long time but come game day I couldn't pull it together. I ended up falling on the first jump in both of my runs which was really frustrating, but I guess I chose a good day to fall because so did everyone else and I ended up in fourth place. Little bit of a cash and an alright placing for the overall. Hopefully I can do better next month at the second stop. I've been back in Vancouver for the last four days and I head back to Colorado on the 1st to do the thang all over again. Not before some good partying come NYE though. Hopefully I'll have something more interesting to post about soon...

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