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Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt went on The Insider today to defend the rude comments Spencer made on his twitter about Al Roker. They also attempted to promote their new book, How To Be Famous as well as their "careers" as "entertainers".

Let me start by saying that I feel like a complete sucker for even taking the time to write something about this. However, I grew up with Jenny Jones and sometimes my nostalgia doesn't let me refuse a good talk show take-down.

After an irritatingly long chicken squabble between Heidi, Spencer and the crew at The Insider, host Lara Spencer stepped in and called Spencer a "tool" to which Heidi defended her husband by reminding us of some hard hitting, Home Depot facts. "But... tools can be worked to build houses."

Chris Jacobs didn't really have anything intelligent or helpful to say to Heidi or Spencer. As Tracie at Jezebel pointed out, it was unjust for Jacobs to tell Heidi she is responsible for her husbands actions, you know, since they are married and now considered "one unit". Instead of being calm and constructive like a true gossip news anchor, Jacobs resorted to an assortment of dim-witted low blows. He said Heidi and Spencer looked like siblings and attacked Spencer's hair style by telling him he needed to lay off the gel. (I think he may have stolen this joke from FRIENDS.) This comment sent Spencer flying off the handle. "This is a blow out! This a blow out! There's no gel!" To which Jacobs replied, "I think you're blown out buddy." Ah-ha, the Battle of Wits begins!

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