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One day my thighs are gonna be that strong and I'm gonna run mad marathons

On Thursdays I'm gonna post tracks for you guys in the news, you'll be able to find it cause I'll title them all Track Meet from now on. I was never skinny/fast enough to do serious track, but I think I had basketball practice on Thursdays in high school so it's kind of the same.

I didn't post this week because I had to fly home to Canada to take care of some personal shit. So here's some other personal shit (music) to make up for it. It'll be back on this coming Thursday so make sure u stretch beforehand. Oh yes, I posted this 2 weeks ago from Fatima Al Qadiri (read more here) and this last week, from King Krule. It's so good it hurts my heart and makes me want to mail him weed and anything else that will help him keep making music that sounds like that for me. You know he has some sort of vocal chord damage or some shit, no one has a baritone like that without inhaling some smoke.

Aidonia ft. Aisha Davis - My Heart is Hers by TheLightofJah

Bishop Morocco - Stay Lit (Bishop Morocco Remix) by acid stag

Blum - First Blum - 05 I'll always be in your Heart by psyzzz

Drama (Piranha Piranha Rethink)*FREE DL by • danSolo

Dan Solo's a nice friend. So nice he made that a free DL. Thanks Dan, luv u. Also--Piranha Piranha's remix of Fever Ray's If I Had A Heart is nice and its by another nice friend. Totally. #LOCALSONLY #YYC

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