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It is incredible to think that 2 years ago today, the owner and creator of Twitter, the world's largest social networking tool posted an opening for the following job on his site. In 2 years he's gone from looking for someone to do "random things" and paying them by the hour to running what must now be one of the most successful websites of the decade. This is inspiring--it makes you realize that with hard work, a good idea and a willingness to do any and everything to make your ideas come together, you can really do anything. Keeping it moving!!!

" Executive Assistant

Obvious is ramping up in 2008. I need someone to help with various things. Some of these things include:

* Paperwork
* Money tracking
* Research
* Looking for an office
* Fielding resumes
* Going to get stuff
* Booking trips
* Scheduling
* Calling people about stuff
* Writing
* Setting up systems
* Random other things

You're a good candidate for this job if you: a) Are or aspire to be the world's best executive assistant and/or office manager; or b) Aspire to be a kick-ass entrepreneur or startup person and want to hang around Obvious to see how companies are built and make connections for a while first (and don't mind being paid not-that-much and aren't above some menial tasks).

I'm flexible on skills, background, and experience. I'm big on attitude, personality, and smarts.

The job is full-time in San Francisco. It will be hourly (1099), at first, until you set up the payroll system for the company, and then we can discuss salary and insurance (once you set that up, too)."

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