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I finished the series Twin Peaks yesterday and all I wanna do is talk about it. David Lynch and Mark Frost are the strangest geniuses and the shows creators. For those who haven't seen it, the series begins with high school "it" girl Laura Palmer's body being discovered on the beach. With the small town in utter shock, Dale Cooper (a young and quite handsome Kyle Maclachlan), a special agent of the FBI is called in for the murder investigation. The series continues with more murders, violence, strange dreams of midgets and giants, red velvet, beautiful women, sci-fi, love, owls and many appearances from well known actors in their younger years. I first attempted to watch the series about a year ago, but funny enough the intro turned me off completely. It wasn't till a friend insisted I watched it as it was now on Netflix and you know it was just so easy and accessible. It probably took me about two and a half weeks to finish both seasons, obviously addicted, but I'm not too sure how I felt about the ending. I found the build up and mystery of Laura Palmer's death the most intriguing part of the show and once her killer was revealed (was quite the spin may I add), the series sort of lost me for a mere moment. I did really like the Nadine back to high school plot on the side, but all the Dale Cooper stuff sort of bored me. I will say that the David Duchovny dressed as a lady appearance was really nice, I thought he looked lovely. I will add that I now have a huge lady crush on Donna (a young Lara Flynn Boyle) and Audrey (Sherilyn Fenn) and I do hope Audrey is alright after that Bank mishap. Though towards the end of the series when Coopers nemesis Windom Earle comes to Twin Peaks seeking revenge, I found Cooper to be not nearly as sharp or inquisitive with his investigation and a little disappointing. Though it was probably on the account of his love interest Annie, a young a beautiful Heather Graham. All in all I do think I am happy with the way the series ended with a cliff hanger because any other way I believe would have been more disappointing and with no room for your own interpretation. I absolutely recommend the series to all and everyone. I do hope though you aren't as jumpy as I am at night and not dreaming of dancing midgets.

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