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Hi hearties, lovers and friends,

It's time for an American update. Everything here is fine, I haven't gotten hitched, I'm not prego and I'm not in jail. Clearly I have a little work to do huh? Jokes aside, so far so good. Over the last few days I've eaten a ton, I've met new friends and run into old ones I thought I'd never see again in my life and above all, I've seen about a million Canadians roaming around the Pitchfork festivities making me feel right at home. Pitchfork was a blast and you can expect a set by set review of the events upon my return, but for now all you need to know is GZA watched some of our hearty hearts the Vivian Girl's set alone in a crowd of hipster and plaid ridden boys and girls. It RULED!

A big shout out to both Andrea, Robyn, D-money, Tim Smith, Melanie Pop Mtl, Sandy Fucked Up and all the other lovely people whose paths I crossed and made this week lovely!

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