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Supplies for my Vans Custom Culture Ambassador pair of shoes

Vans Custom Culture is an art program that inspires high school students to embrace their creativity. It starts with a pair of white Vans--the blank canvas if you will--and, as a school, students get to design unique pairs of shoes. All the shoes are entered into a contest to be judged and the winner receives a $50,000 grant to go towards their school's art program.

As part of the program Vans asked a variety of personalities (that are mostly no longer in high school) to be Ambassadors, which means creating a pair of shoes as examples for the students. With budget slashes that usually fall on arts programs, initiatives like Vans Custom Culture are so important, and if I can support creative growth and education in high schools in any way, I'm in.

Check out my Vans Custom Culture process below and see more of the Ambassador's shoes here.

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  1. Alisha says:

    I agree. DOPE.

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