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I was happy to see this cute video posted on the Victoire blog of Allie Hanlon of Ottawa, dressed like a cat and spitting out dance moves. Hearty did a feature on Victoire a few months ago, and with good reason, the girls are still at it discovering and supporting Canadian designers, now with two locations in Ottawa and a pregnant Katie.

In the same blog post that linked Allie's video the Victoire blog introduced me to Deborah Adams, a recycled leather designer base in Montreal Canada. How cute are these photos? You can read more on the Victoire blog here, or shop on their online boutique here. I am so happy to see these girls always working hard and producing such a positive shopping environment in the Nation's Capital - not to mention keeping me up to date with Ottawa events and outfit pairings! Truly an inspiration to girls everywhere.

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  1. Kenza Kenza says:

    I probably should’ve never let Kenzallie break up. I could’ve had a career as part of a way too cute cat face singing duo. Shit! Ottawa girls > anything else.

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