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Pop Montreal is just around the corner meaning I've been busy putting together my collection for our third Vintage Pop sale.  Actually, I've been busy with a lot of things - so much so that I went to drop off my selection this week only to realize our Pop Up shop starts September 7th. All the more time to dream up that special number I guess..

..Maybe a sweater that will keep you warm and cuddly during hibernation? Or a flirty skirt if what you like to warm up with is a glass of Jameson and the dance floor? Either way come for the hunt. Can't wait to see you.

5143/45 St-Laurent Blvd.

Opening Hours:
Wednesday September 7th 11-7PM
Thursday September 8th 11-9PM
Friday September 9th 11-9PM
Saturday September 10th 11-7PM

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