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I'm on tour again in the East Coast. First stop Toronto where I am hanging with my friend Adele and her pet rats. I have decided I'm getting two rats when I get home from our 60 day tour. I'm calling them "Wong Way" and "White Way". Get it? If you don't appreciate that joke I'm sure Michael Scott will. Anyways, rats rule. I'm sick. It's Toronto. Wire is shadowing our shows (or are we shadowing theirs?) and that is going to thin out crowds. Sad emoticon face. We can't compete with punk legends. Our van is the size of a fucking pumpkin seed and I have to put all my belonging in plastic bags. Ghey [sic].

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2 Responses to “Viva La Rat: TOUR”

  1. gustavo says:

    i’m gna see wire tonight. then white lung two days in a row. and i’m gona be all fucked up, and when i return to boston on monday, i’ll probably look worse than your nightmares about being pregnant.

  2. Mish mish says:


    um, yeah. and guess what? no one cared about Wire.

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