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I really love California. The first time I went to L.A was on tour with Random Cuts and Nu Sensae. Six of us jammed into our friend Lance's bachelor apartment and had sleep over parties after each show. We drank a lot of cheap beer, learned the words to Heathen Dan songs and made really bad videos.

Punk kids in L.A like to wear winter clothes in the summer and summer clothes in the winter - it's the least they can do to rebel. There is still a lot of leather in L.A. And Germs bands. And Flipper tattoos. For me, going to L.A is like finding an old pair of designer jeans you wore back in high school. At first you scan them over quizzically wondering how you got pleasure out of such a trend-of-the-moment item? How did think that this badly bleached and stitched glamor gear was cool? Then, you reach into the pocket and find a crumpled up Breeders patch some cute boy gave you and suddenly the jeans don't look so bad anymore. If L.A is the crappy jeans, then Fullerton is the pocket-find of L.A.

Fullerton is a small college town about an hour outside of the city. When we go to California, we make the drive to Fullerton to play at "Dudes House". It is always the highlight of tour. All the kids hang out in the front yard which is stocked with old cars and palm trees. Bands set up in the garage and everyone crams into the sweaty room to watch. This is what California is to me and it's total perfection. 

White Lung at Dudes House, July 2010.

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