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"A man carries a shark through the streets of Mogadishu, Somalia, in September."

When I was traveling, I only took 40 photos in total of ridiculous things (ex. a Toni Braxton decorative plate in the gift shop of Vietnam's Da Lat airport) which, 3 months later, have still not been posted on any sort of online venue. The working title for the album is, "The Worst Travel Photos of All Time".

While you wait with bated breath for my photos of lizards and tacky marketplace goods, I invite you to check out the the winning images from the 54th World Press Photo contest. There were over 100,000 submissions that have been whittled down to the best in categories like Sports, Portraits and Contemporary Issues.

The photograph above, by Somalian photographer Feisal Omar, was the 1st prize winner for the Daily Life category. Does your daily life include carrying a shark over your shoulders? Probably not.

Some of the other photos in the series veer into the "disturbing" category but they're all beautiful and fascinating stills of life around the world. I've included a couple more of my favourites below but you can check out the rest of the World Press Photo contest winners here.

Couchsurfers in a Brooklyn loft by Malte Jager.

A woman practices cello in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo by Andrew McConnell.

Swimmers in the Cole Classic ocean race at Manly Beach, Australia by Steve Christo.

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