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Interview: Kenza Chaouai
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When Madonna came out asserting her sexuality in the 80’s, surely moms, dads and priests weren’t too pleased, in fact, I’m sure a few men and women succumbed to coffee burns and permanent jaw drops following the release of the Justify My Love video. Madonna was dangerous, controversial, sexual and, more importantly, loved. Over a decade later comes who I would deem the Madonna of hip hop, Miss Xclusive aka The Slick Talka.  An army of mixtapes and a million sexy lyrics later, this New York native has managed to have the same Madonna-effect on grown men and women like myself. The first time I heard Xclusive I nearly choked on a Jolly Rancher upon hearing her rendition of Lil Wayne and Drake’s “We Like Her.” Xclusive’s tongue and cheek answers to male songs that often revolve around sex have enough power to give any feminist out there new biblical content and aspiring lovers and charmers tricks up their sleeves—girls and boys alike.

As a hip hop lover, I have always dreamt of crafting witty responses to male ridden hip hop songs like Cam’ron’s “Suck It, Or Not,” after all it only made sense a woman let Cam’ron know the ladies he loves so much have needs that could surely be fulfilled too. Alas, I have never earned bragging rights as a certified lyricist, Xclusive can and has. I got to chat with the Slick Talka herself to find out all about the hip hop game, pinning females against eachother, women asserting their sexuality and why she’d pick Cam’ron over Drake. In an effort to make Xclusive my BFF, I asked her to spill her knowledge for the exclusive hearty's “What Would Xclusive Do” Guide to Love. Let this modern day Madonna infiltrate her way into your heart and maybe someday into your bedroom stereo?

Who is Xclusive? How did you end up in the rapping game and more importantly can you explain to me why I love your music so much?

I will describe Xclusive in one word “slick!”

I wanted to be able to express myself to the world but specifically grab the attention of my ladies so they can know they do have a voice from a female artist out there. Someone talking for them, that's willing to say whatever she feels as well as what the ladies are thinking or doing! Also, let it be known this is not a man's world we are all Madams, and "Pussy Is Power." Whatever Men do or say, we can do better! Point blank, Period! I'm glad you love my music and if I had to choose a reason why you love my music, it would be because you can relate to a lot of the things I say and also because I don't care I say what I want. I keep it 100% at all time!

You titled one of your mixtapes “Sex and the City.”  Which Sex and The City girl do you relate to the most and why?

Kim Cattrall who plays the role of "Samantha Jones," because she walks around with her head high like nobody can't tell her nothing & she says what she wants! She is real feisty I like that. Also on a personal level I can relate to what she has had to endure as an actor, to prove that older women can retain their sexuality and femininity while simultaneously maintaining a vital screen presence. I know when I reach her age, that I can definitely see myself retaining my sexuality.

If you had some quick words to say to Big of “Sex and the City” what would they be?

He is a Hunk!!

As a female MC, do you find that people expect you to work harder than male MCs to get to the same level or to garnish the same level of respect?

Yes I do, but I refuse to let that get in my way! That's why I am working hard and independently to let it be known I does this! They feel women’s words aren’t as powerful as men’s but honestly I feel everything men do or say revolves around women! I honestly feel I work harder then a lot of men out here! I had plenty of males tell me I inspire them and they respect my grind! When a woman works hard and succeeds believe me we will be recognized! This is why I want to take this rapping career to another level! I am planning to branch out and not only be an artist but also a business woman! Just watch me work!!

People like pinning female MC’s against eachother. Why do you think that is?

They do that a lot because even though I love my women we tend to become real jealous with one another! Everything is a competition! There be too much cattiness going on! Instead of joining one another and not feeling insecure around other women we tend to hate and go against one another. I am trying to change that now. I believe in women empowerment I actually feel that is more a turn on for men! This is why I am starting my movement "Mac Madams" to get all my ladies together! Look out for the take over!

A lot of your lyrics are about men and sex, if you could pick 3 men that are Xclusive certified who would they be and why?

As much as I want to name the three so bad I am not going to because in the future I see myself working with them and I don't want any discomfort. I am about my business so it's for me to share and have them to find out.

P.S Sorry I know you all wanted to know who 3  "Xclusive Certified" men were, but one thing fellas yall should know is that I love guys with their own type of swag!

You’re one of the few women in the game that isn’t afraid to assert her sexuality as visible in your track “We Like Him” a response to Drake’s “We Like Her.” There’s a few other girls doing the same thing such as Pink Dollaz, do you think there’s a reason why there’s not more women doing it?

Yes because they are scared of what other people are going to think about them. What they fail to realize is that people are going to think and say what they want about you regardless! I feel as though when you don’t care everytime someone has something negative to say it makes life easier! If I took time out to acknowledge everyone that had something negative to say about me I wouldn't have succeeded this far! I call them bloggers and I love the bloggers because they bring me a bigger following because they talk and as a result word gets around. People latch on to negativity really fast! At the end of the day it’s about standing out from the masses and I think that's why people are attracted to me because I give them that side of me that makes them want to say "oh sh*t yo I f*cks with her"

Do you think that through music like this, we can break stigmas linked to sexuality and work on educating youth about sexuality instead?

Definitely! Instead of people criticizing what is being said they need to wake up and face reality! We don't get any younger here and the world is becoming more advanced everyday! These young girls and boys are going to grow up eventually! I think it’s better for them to have knowledge about sexuality so they don’t make stupid mistakes and they’re not lost on what sexuality is! I don't have children but if I ever do I'm going to sit down and talk to them about sexuality, it’s important! I feel that's why a lot of the fanbase look up to what artists are saying because maybe it’s a lot of what they want to know about, but they don't have the right people around them to school them on sexuality. They need to know the negative and positive outcomes on it! I will never try to set a bad example for anyone especially my females although I know there are some people who are going to disagree with me.

Do you feel that men could learn a lot about female sexuality through your lyrics?

Yes! They can even take tips if you ask me! A lot of things I say might not be necessarily what I experienced but what the ladies around me say they want or like! Fellas get on your job and listen if you’re trying to please your lady in the best way! I know my lyrics get a lot of men horny too! They say I’m a tease (I plead the fifth)! Men talk about what they want and like from women all the time so why can't I as a woman? We have a voice, needs, and feelings also.

You made a remix of Cam’ron’s “Suck It or Not.” How do you think most men react to such bold and forward lyrics?

Like WOW! She is reckless who is she? Damn that turned me on! I wonder if I could ever meet her, then all type of horny thoughts start running through their heads! Then you are going to have those that are against it because they don’t want to hear other stuff from women such as freaky lyrics! Like I recited in my "Go Off" Freestyle "Who the hell said sex don't sale? Well if sex fail, what up I can show you what rap sells" I want to let it be known, sex is definitely not all I rap about, I guess that is what caught people’s attention first!

Do you know if Cam has heard it and if so what was his reaction?

No I'm not sure if he heard it yet!

Have you been caught in a situation where you dated a man and he later heard your music? What was their reaction?

No most men I dated heard my music! Just the fact that I rap becomes a turn on for them. They say things like, “so what's all that stuff you be talking in your raps?”  I just usually laugh because if I feel you,  I would let it be known and you would be one to experience it.. I am a real chick but most men like that I CURVE! Like lets be serious I got better game then that.

You seem to have a lot of love experience. Lets set out the "What Would Xclusive Do" guide to love:

You’re on a date and the guy you’re with won’t stop playing with his phone?

I am a straight forward person! I have a slick mouth and if I feel some type of way about something I let it be known! I will definitely let him know you on a date with me so you going to either show me some respect and get off that phone because I'm not your ordinary girl or we can end this date early I do not deal with the disrespect.

You find out that the guy you’re dating likes you but he just won’t commit?

Oh man I hate that but I know how to get close to them enough to make them. I have done it a few times! That's all I'm going to say.

You’re going on a blind date and the guy shows up with really bad style, you need out right away?

I am going to try the date first it won't hurt because he might actually be a nice guy. That's why us women be lonely, we don't give chances for the littlest thing but you better believe if he messing with me his appearance is going to be on point! I don't play that!!

The guy you’re dating is really sweet, but he’s almost too nice? How do you get him to toughen up?

I hate too nice guys!!! Ughh!! I love aggressive men because I'm very tough, spoiled, and stubborn! I need someone that's going to be able to put up with me! I really want to give you the answer to how I would get him to toughen up but I can't be giving away all my pointers! Remember I'm slick I like to keep the men guessing!

You’re dating two guys at once and you run into one of them while you’re with the other?

I am going to act normal it's all up to them how they take it! I don't need to run from any bad situations I have to face! The hardest thing is being able to face when you are caught or wrong.

P.S "if you liked it then you should of put a ring on it"

The guy you’re with won’t take you for dinner, only booty calls but you want more?

Hell no! Not even a dinner? That's already points lost. Only if I want booty call do I call you "wam bam thank you mam!" Sorry but I will definitely have to get rid of him because once my feelings are involved and I want more and we not on the same page then we going to have to go separate ways. His loss!

You have a bug a boo on your case and you can’t get rid of him?

A bug a boo? I can't take them! I'm letting them know from the start before it actually gets way out of hand I'm not with it! I do not like headaches so he has to fall back!

You have to cook for your man but you can’t cook to save your life?

Take Out here I come!

This is what I'm going to say to him "Babes let's do take out tonight! The faster we eat the faster we can move on to other things!” (Wink Wink) once I say that you already know how that goes.

You wore the wrong panties (granny panties) and you’re about to get freaky?

I am going to the bathroom taking off all my clothes in there and coming out naked only if it’s a dude I'm really really feeling! But if it’s a dude I can care less about I'm just trying to get my pleasure then it’s just going down like this take them off because what's under isn’t going to change!

You want to lock down a guy forever? Spill the tricks!

If I tell you I will have to kill you! I don't want to spill the tricks! Ladies speak to me on a personal level. I definitely know how to but I don't want all these fellas knowing my moves.

Last but not least, you have to pick between Cam’ron and Drake?

Cam'ron! Like I mentioned earlier I love a man with his own swag that can handle me. Cam’ looks like he takes control. Drake seems like a push over.

What is currently in the works for Xclusive?

Of course still grinding, over saturating this rap game! More videos, mixtapes, radio stations/interviews, promotion, shows, anything that's going to show progress and take me to the next level. Also working really hard to get my new single "Kick Yo Ass" to be heard and take over these radio stations and streets.

What do you have to say to the ladies out there? What about the men?

Ladies and Men if you believe in something go for it and don't let anyone tell you different! We are all the same, none of us are inferior to each other!

Ladies lets show everyone we can come together and unite as one! Fellas take time out and actually listen to my lyrics!

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