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End of the year, all the publications start putting out their "this year in" and "best of ___ in 2011" lists. I love reading them so much, they're so stupid. Remembering all these defining moments from the last year--like, who decides what's defining? Tons of shit happened to me that I think was defining but I'm not about to make a list of them and tell the world.

Really what I want to say is that this year I am so proud and amazed by the women in my life, by the women I admire and work with, by the women in the world who are making things happen. Divas getting money--we ready to put it in the bank.

Three incredible women of color were awarded Nobel Peace Prizes for their work in the non-violent struggle for women's rights and women's roles in peace building. Leymah Gbowee, the head of Women for Peace in Liberia, Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the first woman to be elected president in modern Africa, and Tawakkol Karman, opposition leader and democracy campaigner in Yemen were the recipients of the award. In the Times, Head of the Nobel Committee and former Norweigan Prime Minister, Thorbjorn Jaglund, called the event, “a very important signal to women all over the world.”

It's time for a signal. In the July/August issue of The Atlantic, Hanna Rosin was preaching a rapid shift in the social landscape of America towards a woman-favored space.  Her piece, "Are Men Finished?" was asking in so many words, "What if the modern, postindustrial economy is simply more congenial to women than to men?" She's proposing some kind of socio historical shift--not simply just a claim like--"look we're breaking the glass ceiling". It's about to shatter. And no, there's no definitive "yes" to her question in a capitalism that cuts lines of race, space, sexuality, beauty, ability that we're not supposed to talk about. YA, WE NOTICED.  But, when we posted the article to our Facebook page, we wrote, "We're not sure if men are finished, but we know we're not."

There is an energy bubbling, a spirit that can be felt in the history-making throngs of political activity that has occurred over the course of the last year--Arab Spring, Wall Street, Oakland, Troy Davis, Wisconsin--its a spectre haunting the globe. Am I the only one who knows that spirit is a woman? You thought we were witches but really we're ghosts. #whoruntheworld You can read it in the news that challenges the white masculinity of Occupy Wall Street. The incredible and thought-provoking coverage of #OWS on Racialicious got me thinking a million miles a minute. You can read it in literature on the lives and work of the three most recent Nobel Laureates.  And, in some ways, you can read it on hearty.

We might not publish feminist manifestos on the regular, but we came together as a group of strong women who write together, support each other, and are all about giving love to the women in the world who are doing what they do. Girls in the boys club? Yeah, we know how to do that. Boys in the girls club from now on. Here is our signal: We are not done, we will never be. We are signaling the women in the world who will never be done doing what they do.

Be the goddess you worship, it's about to jump off.

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  1. Hana May Hana May says:

    killing it with the big words girl

  2. Mish Mish says:

    This is truly truly great and ya, we’re nowhere close to being finished. Plus, we can birth more of us and pass the torch.

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