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After facing an eviction notice, little Adair is finally here! YAY! Congrats to Jess & Chris for putting the most beautiful little nugget on earth (if you can't see her little jumper suit thingy, it has ketchup bottles on it, I'm already a proud aunt.) I have yet to meet her but I can already tell from the pictures she's a heartthrob, quick witted and babezorus like her mom, hilarious like her dad!

I can't wait to take this little one for walks and be there the first time she says "Aunty K, how does one get the ketchup out of the Heinz bottle!" Jokes aside, I can't wait to hang and show this little one some love!

Love you both three xo

As previously seen in the LION KING, a proud Mommy and Daddy:

Hilarious Papa!

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