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What a jerk right? Even the scary ninja dude from BEP came. Where is the love, wil??? Do you think apl called will? Do you think the conversation went something like this?

(ring a ling)

apl:"Ima be really bummed if you don't show up tonight, man."

wil: "Don't stop the party on my account, A. I'm with a bunch of Latin Girls and I'm having the time of my life."

apl: "That smells like funk, wil. Meet me halfway dude!"

wil: "It's just that, I gotta feeling you didn't want me there..."

apl: "No, no, no...don't phunk with my heart!"

(Not sure how this ends. Maybe some boom boom pow?)

Anyway here's who did come. Let's get retarded!:

Fergie Ferg and what's his name Ferg

JoJo didn't leave (or get out)

even Dj Poet and that one girl came!

Also, these people. Who are really fun. So suck it wil.

Bummed you didn't get to go? Me too. Maybe next year apl?

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One Response to “You Guys Didn’t Even Come to apl.d.ap’s Birthday”

  1. fergaliscious says:

    I was there. There were all these chickens jackin’ my style and trying to copy my swagger. Whatevs, I’m on the next shit now.

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