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Yup, used to dress like that

We Are the Market has an on-going (hilarious) series where they like to embarrass people in the fashion industry. Okay, maybe that's not the purpose of the series, instead You Used to Dress Like That, features people in the fashion industry admitting (with the images as proof) to styles they may have partaken in, that are no longer, well, acceptable. Everyone makes fashion mistakes, and actually the fashion industry probably messes it up the most. So alongside, Mitsu Tsuchiya, The Market Editor of NYLON Guys and Chris Corrado, the man behind the (capsule) tradeshow I admitted that, yup I used to dress like that.

Hana, what the hell were you thinking?

Well, half of the outfits that I'm ashamed of I most likely wore yesterday. But for the sake of this piece we'll take it back to 2002. When hair straighteners were queen and the fitted/button up combo were king. We have Jay Z to blame for that. It was also around the time of the "bar top" or "going out top." This lovely go-to was usually paired with jeans and always made in a material that was too fancy for denim. We wore them to, well you guessed it, the bar but also the club and anywhere else they served booze and boys. In this picture I can be seen wearing a ruched bar top in a fancy beige color or champagne color if you will, jeans (of course) and too much bronzer. I can probably blame that on J. Lo somehow. And although you can't fully see my earrings, they're Baby Fat. Yes, the full cat earrings that appeared on some video ho's lobes in a 50 Cent music video.

The "befores" above. See the "afters" in You Used to Dress like That on We Are the Market here.

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  1. Mish Mish says:

    I really like this! I love it! It’s REAL. Remember when Carrie Bradshaw freaked out about how embarrassing her bangs were? God. Whatever! I used to wear spiked cuffs and puffy ski jackets.

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