When I chew, you chew

Name: Kaity Velez
Occupation: Editor in Chief of ANTENNA
Location: Brooklyn, New York
Things You Heart: Chewing, brunch, brunner, friends, my bikes, clich├ęs, new cities, Greenpoint, reading, writing, words in general.


Name: Lanie Alabanza-Barcena
Occupation: Design Hustler
Location: LA / NY / SD
Things You Heart: my husband, our dog marley, friends, family, gold, gold, more gold, fashion, designing, twilight, bbm

Ladies First

Name: Leslie
Occupation: Owner/Retail
Location: Jersey
Things You Heart: My Hubby,Mi Familia, My two Pomeranians, Hip Hop,Fashion, Music, Art, Graff, Pedicures, and Happy People.

fuck the hype, ride or die!

Name: Lo
Occupation: heartsrevolutionary
Location: lower east side
Things You Heart: hip hop, punk rock, rebellion, grrrrls who have something to say, heartschallenger(s), ice cream, candy, gasoline rainbows

Mdot says..

Name: M Dot
Occupation: Making Kicks
Location: San Francisco, CA
Things You Heart: Hustling, Creating Things, Brainstorming, Sneakers, Shoes in General, HK, Racing Rides, Taking Pics, Good Food, & The Dream

Samantha Duenas

Name: Sam Duenas
Occupation: DJ / Fashion Publicist
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Things You Heart: Cheese, music, a good cup of coffee, puns, white linens, Hello Kitty, traveling, all Nihon everything

Magical Numbers

Name: Spencer O'Brien
Occupation: Snowboarder
Location: North Vancouver, BC
Things You Heart: snow, music, cooking, writing, reading, the ocean, kitty cats, shopping

The Box

Name: the box
Occupation: Put it in your...
Location: Coming to a box near you
Things You Heart: Couch surfing, channel channel, popcorn throwing, rewinding and fast forwarding.


Name: Yasi
Occupation: Writer of Things
Location: Los Angeles
Things You Heart: hard fruit, the word "wanton", books, Pavement, cats, John Cusack, and black jeans.

Yoshi Hearts...

Name: Yoshi
Occupation: Blogger of Blogs
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Things You Heart: ice cream for breakfast. sneakers that make my ankles look small. hair products galore. red lipstick. twilight. fatlace. what


Arty Hearty

Name: Charlotte Elizabeth
Occupation: Heart of Hearts and Crafts
Location: Montreal
Things You Heart: bicycles, crafting, thrifting, good jams & magic

Real Talk

Name: Dana D
Occupation: kickstarting hearts
Location: NYC
Things You Heart: love and affection, negativity and cynicism, food and r&b, pussy & religion

Straight Shots in Dirty Glasses

Name: Hana May
Occupation: hearty
Location: Chinatown
Things You Heart: Big personalities, good food, lots of good food, rap music, dogs (mine more than yours), boys clothes and witty humor.

Maybe Tomorrow

Name: Hillary Eaton
Occupation: Writer
Location: Los Angeles
Things You Heart: When you call me big poppa.


Name: Jessica Bloom
Occupation: Laying Down the Type
Location: Toronto
Things You Heart: Million Dollar Decorators and $1 Mekong Whiskey.


Name: Kate Brown
Occupation: Fashion Editor
Location: Vancouver, B.C.
Things You Heart: et al.

Mega Blahg

Name: Mel Zee
Occupation: Writer/Musician/Skid
Location: Vancouver, BC
Things You Heart: pansies, fajitas, cake, snow, stationery aisles, harvest moons, snail mail, christmas lights, road trips.

Saltwater City

Name: Michaela Rechtschaffner
Occupation: Editorial Assistant
Location: Vancouver
Things You Heart: teen drama television, photography, swimming in the sea, and bluegrass music


Name: Mish Way
Occupation: Editor/Heart of Writing
Location: Vancouver, B.C
Things You Heart: Boys, butts, beer and my band.

Ziz Photo Blog

Name: Zyanna O'Connell
Occupation: Photographer
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Things You Heart: Photos, cameras, wiener dogs, fashion, shoes :( , wine and all things hearty!