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For those of you who don’t know, I am kinda a Kidrobot nerd. Not a super nerd, but the collection is getting bigger (Dunnys only). I started buying them when the first series of Dunnys came out in 2004 and since then I buy one or two (maybe three) each series. This Christmas, my man picked me in the gift exchange amongst friends and was ingenious enough to get me a couple of Dunnys. To my surprise I got a Golden Ticket! (Which means, in nerdo language, I won a free super limited Dunny.) (Think Willy Wonka.)

The funny story about this set of Golden Tickets from Series 5 is that normally the public is not supposed to know what they look like until all the tickets have been claimed and they get shipped, but this time they got shipped out with the regular orders by accident (Big no-no)! Soooo, it’s finally time for the Golden Ticket winners to receive their prize and I am wondering if Kidrobot is going to step it up and surprise us all with a new design or sick with the already released Huck Gee Dunny (below).

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