Back Issue__ Create Your Own Starry Nights

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What you'll need:

A canvas


Paint brush



A thin sharp object (think nail, screwdriver)

Christmas lights

First decide whether you want to spell or draw something like the old school light bright or if you want to incorporate the lights into a drawing or painting.

Once you have a good idea, paint the canvas. We went old school and kept it basic choosing to paint the canvas one solid color, using three coats and waiting for the paint to dry in between each.

Once your canvas is ready, use the pencil to faintly spell the word or draw the design. Next, count your light bulbs so you know how many holes you can punch! Put your math skills to work and measure the length of the drawn lines, then divide by the number of lights on your light string; the number you get will help you measure where each insertion should be made.

Once everything is spaced correctly, use your sharp object to puncture the canvas. It's smart to put something on the other side so that the canvas doesn't stretch (Tip: a pair of socks work). Once the holes have been made you can erase any pencil left on the canvas.

Now you’re ready to unravel the Christmas lights and, through the back of the canvas, poke one light through each hole you’ve made.

Once that's done plug in the lights, hammer a nail into the wall and hang your masterpiece for all to enjoy and make flattering comments about.

I hope you heart their twinkle!

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