Back Issue__ Hearty Paws

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Old or shrunken sweater

Embellishments (optional)
Paper and Pencil
Sewing needle and thread

Step One: Make your pattern! Trace an outline of your hand on a piece of paper then draw a second line approximately one inch away from the first line (on the outside). Cut along the outward line.

Step Two: Place the bottom of your pattern on the bottom of your sweater, flipping the pattern over for two pieces. Make sure you measure it out in advance so you have room to cut four pieces.

Step Three: Embellish!

Step Four: Place the right sides together (the right side is the side you want to see on the outside). Take a needle and thread and stitch along the outside to sew the mittens together.

Step Five: Turn right side out and wear on those cold paws of yours!


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