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Yes, it's spring and we are trying to save the planet but does it have to be so uncomfortable? Are you sick of sitting on that soggy bicycle seat every time it rains?  Care to add some flair? Us too, actually we encourage it. Make this easy bicycle seat cover in minutes.

What you need:

Waterproof material





Sewing Machine.

Here's what to do:

1. Draw an outline of your bicycle seat lay out and re-draw add two inches for the seats thickness.

2. Fold in half to make sure both sides are even and cut allowing for extra space as seen in photo (about another inch).

3. Place pattern on waterproof material and cut.

4. Sew the elastic pulling it as you sew along to create a rouching affect.

5. Sew additional pieces of elastic that will act as the straps to keep your bicycle's raincap on.

6. Slip on and you’re protected. No pun intended.

1. Trace

2. Adjust and cut pattern

3. Cut fabric.

4. Sew on Elastic

5. Add elastic straps

6. Et voila. Pretty protection.

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