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Summer was nice while it lasted but with all of the new fashion fall wears (and being able to sleep under the covers) we decided to make a flag garland as a surrender to fall. So, whether you’re heading back to a dorm room, just changed addresses or are “decorating challenged” this easy craft will add something to any room.

What you’ll need:

1. fabric (old clothes work well)
2. rope, string or cord
3. scissors
4. an iron
5. sewing thread and needle or sewing machine

Step One:
Cut out your flag shape, you can use the first one as a guide for the rest of them. Experiment with triangles or squares for a more nautical look.

Step Two:
Fold over approximately one inch at the top of the flags and press with the iron. Pressing is the motion of lifting and pressing the iron down in a vertical motion. This sets the fabric. Always make sure the iron is at the right temperature for the fabric you’re using.

Step Three:
Place your cord in the crease of the fold and sew shut.

Now, raise your white (or whatever color or pattern you chose) flag in truce too!

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