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When did you know you wanted to drop out of art school and pursue music?

I kind of decided to take a year out to see where the music would go and then it started going somewhere so I never went back. I actually really enjoyed art college. I was just bumming around Camberwell where I lived, working at a bar and thought I should start doing something with life so I went to art college. If I hadn’t dropped out I’d just be graduating.

Was there a point that marked that decision or that just where it took you?

I think, I started touring and it was the kind of the idea that I wasn’t going to be able to do both 'cause I wasn’t going to be in Camberwell, and I had to make the decision. But I’d lived in Camberwell, my whole life. If everything goes tits up, I can still go back to art college but with music it’s a once in a lifetime moment so you have to go with it and you have to go with it with your whole heart.

As a child werewolves and vampires scared you. What are you scared of now?

I’m scared of all kinds of irrational things but they’re more based in reality. I’m still scared, I’m still kept up at night but it seems like the werewolves and the ghosts have morphed into like fear about the next album or fear about, ‘What did I say last night?’ or like fear about money. I’ll send myself in irrational spirals about things I have no control over, like death. It feels like the boogiemen of childhood have turned into the boogiemen of adulthood but with different forms. Instead of being a werewolf it will be like what do I have to do tomorrow, I have so much to do, [gasp] ‘Oh my god, ‘or everything is so overwhelming. It’s funny.

Where’s your heart at?

Where’s my heart at? Aw. Um, in my chest. I think it’s in there—on the right hand side. Sometimes it’s in my mouth and sometimes I can feel it in my stomach, when I get really nervous. So it’s pretty physical.

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