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Materials for this project:
Lamp Cord Kit
Pasta Strainer
Screw Driver

Step One You can easily punch a hole through the base of a steal pasta strainer with a screw driver. Place the strainer upside down on a table and use the hammer on the end of the handle to drive the screw driver through the strainer. If your bowl is tougher or if you making this craft with a bowl you can slowly, applying little pressure, drill a hole through the centre.

Step Two Thread the wire through the hole and take apart your fixture, it will be in three pieces. Thread the wire through the bottom piece of the fixture that has been removed before attempting the wiring. (See photo 3)

Step Three Follow your lamp cord kit instructions. Generally speaking, to attach the wires to the fixture the wire must be wrapped around each of the screws to create a connection. Again, see instructions on the Lamp cord kit or ask at your local warehouse store. (Photo 4)

Step Four Make sure to put the fixture back together before attaching the light bulb. Once your fixture is back together you can attach your bulb and find a place in your home to hang.

Step Five Plug in, turn on and enjoy!

Step by step photos!

Make a hole in the bottom of the strainer

Thread the wire though the hole, take apart the fixture and thread the wire through the top part before wiring.

Wiring, follow the instructions on your lamp kit or ask a professional at your local hardware store.

Make sure to put the fixture back together before attaching the light bulb.

Hang, plug in and enjoy!

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