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Opening up their shop a mere two years ago, the owners of Jugrnaut saw the figurative water, 'jumped in head first and have been swimming since.' These Chi-town boys know what they want, and as it turns out, they want to figure out what women want. Using their business smarts, Jugrnaut recognizes females make up half the population and tend to shop more than men--their store brand even includes women’s tees. But it’s not just about dollars making sense for Jugrnaut, they throw special events for women, including most recently, Dress You Up, an event for females with MTTM and photographer Lynette Astaire. Their first female brands included Mama, Yours Truly, and DimePiece, and they soon landed Married to the Mob, with Hellz Bellz following close behind and their clientèle is described as "eclectic," ranging from high-school girlies to ladies in their thirties. To see if the Jugrnaut fellas really know what the females want, we asked what they think we look for in a man: ‘[Someone who] keeps it clean, classy, and true to their own personal style.’ Not bad. Not bad at all.

Name: Jugrnaut

Co-Owners: Brian Nevado aka B.Easy, Arthur Banks Artie McFly, Roger Rodriguez aka Mr. Rhagers, Manuel Rodriguez aka Manny Muscles Math/3M

Interns: Matt Solida Vaughn Rolan, Andres Hernandez, Christine Marie Borda

Location: 427 S. Dearborn, The Loop, Chicago IL

Brands: Jugrnaut, 10 Deep, Married to the MOB (M.O.B.), Hellz Bells, Stussy Women’s, Yours Truly, Toki Doki, Mama, DimePiece, Mishka

Nearby Lunch Spots: Edwardo’s, Subway, Standin Room Only.

We Think: That we are trying to cater more to women.

Want More: Awareness of our existence in the female sneaker scene.

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