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Photographed exclusively by Jody Rogac for hearty this month, New York-based accessories designer Kerin Rose of A-morir, is conquering the fashion world one Swarovski crystal at a time. Since starting off as a part time employee at the Patricia Field Boutique, Kerin has perfected her own line of accessories, A-morir. A mere seven months after her collection's inception, Kerin's baubles were found on starlets such as Katie Perry, Rihanna and Mariah Carey.

Kerin's entrance into the world of design, although explosive, was not intentional. It all started last year when Kerin accompanied a friend to a Patricia Field Runway show. Kerin was wearing a bag she had constructed herself and the consignment buyer for Patricia Field noticed the sparkling accessory hanging from her arm and offered her a part-time job at the boutique. Kerin would wear her creations into work and by the end of the day, they would be sitting on a shelf, ready to sell. As clients started to take notice of her designs, Kerin worked harder at perfecting her craft: bedazzling.

When Kerin opens the door to her pink and aqua palace you are bitch slapped with prints and glitter. Kerin’s apartment is loud, warm and colorful---just like her. Miniatures, punk rock dolls in plastic boxes, whips, a zebra print rug and one lonely blow-up unicorn were all nestled amongst the organized mess. It was as though God had smashed the pinata at a drag queen's birthday party and the remains had fallen through her roof. Kerin, a Long Island J.A.P (as she proudly puts it) graduated from NYU with honors as a Pop Historian and evidence of this is all over her apartment. A poster of CoCo a.k.a Nicole Austin, Ice T’s wife dominates her bathroom, while a giant Joey Ramone portrait sits outside the hall. Kerin squats in front of her full length mirror, effortlessly powdering her face and talking glam like a starlette. It is all so very "To-Wong-Foo.”

Like a lot of teenagers, Kerin’s summer job was working for her dad, except she had a very adult position—building computers for brokerage houses. Kerin laughs as she explains that the men in the brokerage firm were good at stocks, but “they weren't very computer savvy so they'd call me in and they'd be like 'Um, I don't know how this naked chick got on my desk top but I need you to get rid of it and please don't tell your Dad.” Kerin later went on to intern at Abritrage Traders buying and selling tickets. But to imagine the Kerin-today on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange seems off. A brazen Amazon broker in seven-inch stripper heels, wearing a glittery motorcycle jacket and fishnets, might stand out a little bit. Luckily, the outlandish outfits are now a part of her fashionable profession.

Kerin makes all her pieces by hand and she takes pride in this but recognizes the complexity of her craft, "One of the things that is very difficult when you are "handcrafting" a good is that it can come off as "crafty." I needed to make sure that I provided the absolute best quality so my creations aren't looked down at as just hand crafted, DIY goods." She carefully explains. "I mean, couture gowns are constructed by hand but no one would look at a gown and think this is a DIY project.”

Kerin doesn't want to be that person bragging about accomplishments that haven't materialized--so she never reveals good news until it is signed, sealed and delivered. When Kerin heard that her spike-embelished Sabotage shades might appear in Vogue Italia, she sat on her hands and kept it secret. When she heard that Rhianna might be wearing A-morir in her new video, she sat on her hands and kept it a secret. "Oh girl, but when the video for 'Run This Town' came out I cried for twenty minutes. I lost my shit," Kerin says. (The black pyramid-studded Barracuda shades may have kept Rihanna's eyes out of our view, but she could see us. As Kerin's website promises, "HOLY SHIT YES! YOU CAN SEE THROUGH THEM.") What's more, the Sabotage shades premiered in the September 09 issue of Vogue Italia. After such definitive exposure, Kerin finally threw up her ring-covered hands and presented herself to the world.

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  1. Mira Mira says:

    Yay! Great read. I need to get me those heart shades!

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  5. Empress says:

    Kerin Rose is badass, love her outrageous style!


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