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Photos: Rory Gunderson

Girls tend to feel awkward and misunderstood in high school. Never mind the puberty, pre-drinking and sloppy make outs; getting dressed is a feat of its own. Some of us, however, are lucky enough to have a counterpart to get through the mess. When Nora Caliguri and Rachelyn Porter--the designers behind Larsen Grey--met in high school, they did more than just hang out and drink Slurpees. They formed a friendship that would turn that teenage awkwardness into a successful career in fashion.

‘I got into design mainly because I was so petite in high school that I never fit into any dresses for school functions,’ says Nora. ‘So, my mom and I made my dresses.’

And even though her partner, Rachelyn, started her education in the sciences, she found herself in fashion. ‘You can express something to a wide audience of people,’ she says. ‘Plus the best part is channeling such random thoughts into something physical.’

Since the humbling days of high school Nora and Rachelyn--both Pratt Institute alumni--dove hem-first into the fashion industry, Nora showcasing her name on Season 1 of Project Runway and Rachelyn gaining experience at Chanel.

The ladies of Larsen Grey pride themselves on creating affordable, sleek and distinct clothes for women who want to make a statement. ‘What you wear gives off something about you to everyone--from your best friend to a stranger in the grocery store,’ says Rachelyn. Larsen Grey craft their creations out of organic and sustainable materials, which we obviously heart.

Although both girls agree that the fashion industry can be totally nuts, they stay sane by following a few simple rules: ‘Find money first and never sell your name.’ Yeah, we can get down with that. Some things just can't be learned in high school.

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