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Make your own coat rack

We tend to have way too many purses, scarves, accessories, sometimes making it hard to keep them all organized. Don't get hung up on a messy room, get crafty!

What you’ll need:


Paint & Paint Brush



Screw Driver


If you want to collage add:




You can find all the material you need at your local hardware store. Thrift stores and IKEA should also have a variety of drawer handles or doorknobs that you can use in this craft.

Paint and decorate the slab of wood. Once the paint dries you can add any collage material with glue.

Now that that wood is starting to look cute, mark with the pencil where you want the knobs to go. Make sure to make a mark on the edge of slab too so that you will know where to drill in the screw from the back.

Prop the wood between two objects so that the screw doesn’t go into your table or floors (Seriously, it will happen if you’re not careful).

Once all the screws are in screw on the knobs. and erase and pencil marks.

Once the knobs are in you're ready to drill your new coat rack into the wall or add loopy screws to the top to sit on nails in your wall.

Et Voila, time to tidy up now!

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