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by: Charlotte Elizabeth

Like it or not there will be a few more crummy days before those long dry heat waves. What better way to occupy those rainy recession weekends than to get in touch with your old thirteen year old self and reincarnate, (please do not mistake this with invoking the Spirit of Manon like you tried to do after watching the Craft at thirteen), the Bedazzler.

You, yes you, have shoes to stomp in, dance in, drive in, run in and go to work in. These shoes, these bedazzeled gems I am about to inspire you to make, will be the ones you prance in, the ones you will wear to brunch on Sunday morning and to the park for some sippy sippy before riding your bike to your local watering hole.

Get crafty!
First, choose a pair. I suggest chucks, keds or any of the boat type shoes you can find at thrift shops.

Second, decided what look you're going for. Availability of craft supplies may be the deciding factor. Note that dollar stores normally have a craft section where you should be able to find gems, studs, ribbon, pompoms and other inspiring materials.

Third, make sure you have glue.

Forth, Prep work! Put some paper down, (to avoid sticky floors), organize your craft supplies (scissors, glue, and your decoration of choice)

Fifth, make a snack because snacks are fun to make.

Sixth, get crackin!

Some tips:
To bedazzle your shoes press the stud through the fabric and use pliers to close the grasps. (I used pliers for the side application and a dull butter knife for the toe stud application).
For gems and felt lettering apply glue and press down evenly.

If you have some cool material measure and cut out a rectangle (making sure it will reach the side seams of the shoe), apply glue, press down, let dry and then cut off the excess fabric).

Measure Fabric.

Apply glue.

Cut off excess.

All done! Hearty shoes!

Shoe me! Show me your creations and a prize will be awarded!

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4 Responses to “SHOE BLUES”

  1. Victoire says:

    These are wicked. I can’t wait to take out the gem-stone covered ones Katie and I made 2 summers ago!

  2. Charlotte Charlotte says:

    thats not the only gem stone covered thing i remember!

    ps great summer! xo

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