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Eye and hand coordination is not necessary! Follow these instructions below to create your very own silhouette portraits.

Materials for this project:

2 Pieces Paper (different colors)

Step One A reason to lurk. Pick through photos of your friends' or family members to find shapes you like. If you don't have a box of photos I guarentee you will find ample material online (cough, facebook, cough). If you have a camera and printer you can also ask to photograph your friend's side profile, which looks very posh and victorian as a completed silhouette. Another option, as long as you don't mind snipping them up, is to check that pile of magazines in your closet.

Step Two Print your photos if necessary. once you have your material, cut out along the edge of the person(s) or object(s).

Step Three Place your cut out onto the piece of colored paper you have chosen for the silhouette and begin tracing. Be sure to draw lightly and press onto the cut out with your opposite hand so that your lines transfer accurately. When you're finished and happy with your traced drawing begin cutting on the lines.

Step Four Once your silhouette is ready to be framed, you can begin to aline your artwork. Place the frame face down, line up your silhouette cut out, and lastly lay down your background paper. Close up the frame and your ready to decorate.

Step by step photos!

Gather your materials

Clip along your friend's profiles.

Trace onto the paper you want to use as the silhouette and cut them out.

Use the frame's glass or the matting to measure the paper you will use as the background.

Arrange the pieces in the frame.


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  1. jennifer says:

    i’m famous! :)))

  2. Charlotte Charlotte says:

    Famous and beautiful

  3. Victoire says:

    Ooohhh so cute!!

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