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photos: Rory Gunderson
by: Hana May

The day Britney Spears made it on to the Worst Dressed lists of 2003, Chrissie Miller quit her day job. One of Spears' most notorious ensembles--complete with a diamond tie necklace and terrifying floral leggings--included a t-shirt designed by Miller. The resulting media coverage allowed Miller to pursue design full-time. After all, no publicity is bad publicity.

Chrissie Miller, who has a background in both graphic design and retail, used the media-fueled momentum and launched Sophomore with a few graphic tees. Miller sensed a textbook fit when she met Madeleine von Froomer last year, and began expanding the label. Together they grew the t-shirt brand into a full contemporary sportswear line, even making clothes for our guy friends. With Sophomore’s downtown New York edge, it’s no surprise that when we went to see Chrissie, her headquarters are in the heart of the Lower East Side on Chrystie street. With basics that far surpass American Apparel—whom Chrissie says she’s totally sick of— we imagine the L.E.S’s of the world will be filled with ladies donning Sophomore for years to come.

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