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Bi-weekly we (and kevin barnett) takes turns on our BLONDES PER MINUTE radio show on

listen live, podcast it, comment on it, or just dance to it!

most recent show's playlist!

Chelonis Jones - "Pompadour" (Gorge mix) [systematic]
Edward - "in the mood" [white music]
made for radio and hauswerks - "monotone" [1trax]
eday - "feeling it" (jah sound remix) [harlequin]
julian sanza - "bolumen" [rebirth]
and me - "fir" (sante mix) [keinemuzik]
lee kalt - "memories" [subliminal]
skylark - "krakatoa" [saved]
jaxson and david keno - "red baron" [kindisch]
ramon tapia - "can you dig it" (butch birthday mix) [great stuff]
arthur russell - "wax the van" (yam who rework) [phonica]
rick james - "give it to me" (jacob london mix) [pie]
-- junkies mix

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