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Travis Taddeo was still a budding designer hanging out below the radar in Montreal when befriended a lucky member of the hearty staff, who was earning a little extra cash by working the door at a Peer Pressure Event. Recognizing a marketing opportunity when he saw one, Travis proposed a trade: In exchange for free dresses, this hearty doorgirl would not only wear the clothes on the job, but also do a little promotional sweet talking every time someone commented on her duds. Which means she was doing an awful lot of sweetalking. It was the perfect union. Travis got some exposure and a cute girl looked all the better for it.

Travis Taddeo is no longer obligated to give-away his goods to ensure they're sported by Montreal's doorgirls. Rather, he, and his duds, are everywhere. Since graduating from LaSalle College in 2007, Travis has quickly made a name for himself in the fashion world working with numerous top designers, the W Hotel and most recently, being scooped up by one of New York's most prestigious agencies, Mao PR. Of course, like all ambitious designers, Travis knew that social networking is important and more importantly, fun. Although he would now consider himself a retired party-boy, Travis paid his dues in Montreal's underground club scene, always drawing inspiration for streetwear from his entourage of eclectic peers. ‘I love being involved in underground culture because you’re basically part of something that outsiders will only get when it’s over,’ explains Travis. ‘Streetwear is a combination of edgy lifestyle mixed with bad behavior. It happens in all the right places and either scares people off or draws them directly too it.’

And this ahead-of-the-curve underground individualism is evident in Travis's eponymous Spring/Summer 2009 Collection which features a jarring yet elegant collection of Greco-Roman inspired pieces with a futuristic fierceness. Bright metallics couple with black to form distinct silhouettes, making the line a powerfully specific collection, clearly crafted with a particular muse in mind. ‘It is basically about this girl who doesn't take anything from anyone. She's not mean or hateful; she just knows what she wants and how to have fun doing it. I guess that's why I took the road warrior as my main source of inspiration. She's just this girl walking down the road ready to kill or rather, ready to take what she wants. There is no stopping her.’

Yeah, we like this girl. We like her a lot. So, when we asked Travis to design a specific piece for the hearty girl, we were thrilled when he envisioned a similar female. ‘The ultimate hearty girl knows what she wants. She’ll be wearing something fierce.’ Like the road warrior in us all. You know, just with less dirt and better shoes.

And, presenting the hearty dress!!!

You can win the hearty dress (fur not included)!

Take a pic in your worst dress and twitter it to us at or if your shy you can email it to us at newdress@heartymagazine.comn. The person with the best picture, and worst dress, will get this original Travis Taddeo hearty dress to replace that garbage worthy garment. There’s no shame in getting ugly with it! Good luck.

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