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Taking a trip to clothing and accessories boutique Victoire, located in the heart of Canadian capital, Ottawa, is comparable to watching summer of 1996 sleepover staple Now and Then. The nostalgia of horn-rimmed glasses, floral chesterfields and Coke in glass bottles might even inspire you to break into a twist and shout, and owners Regine and Katie probably wouldn't mind if you did: The atmosphere they aspire to is, in their words, a ‘Rock 'n Roll Tea Party,' everyday.

‘We describe the ladies who shop at Victoire as rebel girls with good manners,' say Regine and Katie. The shop carries an assortment of brands from Complex Geometries to smaller brands, like Montreal's, Valerie Dumaine. All items they offer can be worn as a "cutie-pie" number one day and "bitchin" the next.

While the ladies do stock some out-of-country must-haves—like Dolce Vita, from the US and Colcci from Brazil—they root for the home team whenever possible. ‘We definitely focus on bringing in Canadian designers. We really just go with the brands that we love, and try to do business with people we love as well.’ About 85% of Victoire is composed of Canadian brands, such as Frash Femme. (Talk about local--the Victoire girls live down the block from the owner of FF.)

Victoire events are important to Regine and Katie. They tend to be equal parts rebel and politesse—a keg surrounded by pretty dresses and accessories. The girls also throw vintage boot and dress bonanzas as well as tie-dye parties--any opportunity for them to hang with their "really rad" customers. Good manners indeed, but the pleasure is all ours, we assure you.

Name: Victoire Boutique

Employees: Shasha, Ula and Sage. We love them!

Location: 246 Dalhousie St., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Brands: For a full list you can check the side-bar on our blog (, but the biggies are Complex Geometries, Dace, Valerie Dumaine, Erica Weiner, In God We Trust, Norwegain Wood, Sessun, Species by the Thousands, Lily & Jae, Supayana, Preloved, Eve Gravel, Birds of North America, Osei Duro, La Fete, Betina Lou

Nearby lunch spots: The French Baker, Ahora and Bridgehead.

We think: Be yourself times a million. (Thank you Care Bears on Fire for those words of wisdom!)

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