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You’ve probably been there, rushing to get back to work after you spent your too short lunch break squeezing in some kind of exercise. You catch a glimpse of yourself in a shop window as you’re power walking back to work and your hair is an absolute mess. You definitely can’t go into that important meeting with sweaty and matted post-workout hair, but showering isn’t an option. You barely had the time to make it to your barre class and back and you definitely don’t have time to wrestle with the blow dryer. But with the right technique, you can make that after workout hair work for you.

Try one of these six ways to wear your hair post-workout.

Release The Bun

One of the best ways to keep your locks in check while you’re working out is to wrap your hair in a tight bun. This is probably more realistic for barre or yoga class – keeping your locks tamed during a spin class is next to impossible. When you’re done sweating it out, let down your hair and spray some dry shampoo on your roots, and you’ll be good to go. FKA Twigs did this the morning after the Met Gala, and we think it worked out great for her. 

Hat It Out

A hat is everyone’s go-to when running errands after the gym, but your old baseball cap won’t do you any favors when grabbing drinks with friends. Dress it up with some kind of fancy hat like a cool (not lame version) of a fedora. You can either leave your hair down, or pull it into a braid like Beyoncé.

Band It Back

Carrying a headband for hair emergencies is a good idea. If your hair just isn’t cooperating after the gym and you can’t tame it, pull it into a low bun and finish it off with a headband to keep everything in place. The trick to making banded hair look chic is to push the headband forward towards your face after pulling it back, and finishing with hair spray. This will add some volume and keep you from looking sloppy.

Giddy Up

A ponytail always seems like a good idea when leaving the gym, but a plain pony can be so boring. Switch things up by making it a double pony. Tie the top of your hair back and secure with an elastic, then gather the rest of your hair into a low ponytail and tie it. Keeping the pony low and making it a double adds length to your hair. To dress this style up, tease the top of your hair with a rattail comb and add a touch of hairspray.

Bun It

If you have long hair, you’re in luck. Big buns are in and perfect for post-workout. Buns are supposed to look sleek, so you don’t have to worry about a little sweat. To create the big bun look, use a little bit of gel or texturizing spray throughout your midlengths and ends, then wrap into a pony and fold the ends of your hair underneath, and secure with an elastic. To make your bun a little fancier, try hiding your hair tie by wrapping your hair around it, like Carolina Hererra.

Embrace The Moisture

If you’re someone who comes out of the gym drenched in sweat, we’ve got the perfect hairstyle for you. Gelled, damp-looking hair is on-trend. You don’t need to wet your hair to get that fresh out of the water look, though. Bring a travel-sized bottle of gel with you to the gym and after you work out, run a little bit through your roots like this Versace model.

Go Fishing

A fishtail braid is the perfect cute and put together look for post-workout. It looks elaborate, but it’s super easy. All you need is a little hair spray and an elastic. Just separate your hair into two even sections, then grab a little strand from the outside of one section and pull it over to the inside of the other section. Continue switching sections until you reach the end of your hair. Secure with an elastic and finish with some hair spray to keep those flyaways tamed.

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