Get Beauty__ The Secret To Flawless Ends: Burning Them Off?

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Burning off your hair sounds like an awful and regretful accident, but apparently some people are doing it on purpose. Instead of getting a haircut to get rid of split ends, you can simply burn them off. Or that’s what Victoria’s Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio does. Definitely do not try this at home.

Ambrosio recently posted an Instagram of herself getting a Brazilian hair treatment called velaterapia, where the hair is twisted into sections and then passed through a flame, singing off split ends. You still need to trim your hair and get a deep conditioning treatment afterwards, but the idea is that you can get rid of split ends without losing much length.

Salons all over the country are now offering velaterapia treatments, so if you’d rather burn off your hair then lose a few inches, you now have that option.

Via: Cosmopolitan

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