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Shopping for skin products can be super overwhelming. There are thousands of products on the market, and we can’t even pronounce half of the ingredients in some of them, let alone know whether they’re good for our skin. Ideally, we’d love to bring our dermatologist to the store with us, but we don’t think she’d be down for that.

Here’s the next best thing: a skin coach. Better yet, a free, personalized skin coach available at your fingertips. My Skin Authority, an app that launched this summer, provides you with a real-life esthetician to guide you through all your skincare conundrums.

While the app has just launched, Skin Authority has been coaching clients since 2003 and has over 7,500 trained and certified skin coaches. Celeste Hilling, CEO and founder of Skin Authority, says, “People call our coaches when they are shopping and ask about [ingredient] concentration levels, which products they really need, how to read a label, and so on.” The coaches can answer any question from what order to use products to how to get rid of a pimple before a big date. She continues, “The difference between a skin coach and your derm is a consistent, ongoing dialogue, and accessibility. We designed our coaching programs to fit today's busy lifestyle. Our coaches are accessible on the phone, email, FaceTime, anytime."

If you’re doubting whether someone can actually judge what products you should be using without even taking a look at your skin, you’re not alone. While Hilling says that her coaches can get a lot of info just from what a client tells them, they can also recommend a nearby dermatologist suited to your skincare needs if you’d rather have an in-person consultation.

When you first get your coach, they’ll ask you about everything from your budget to your lifestyle to how often you want to connect with them. From there, they’ll build you a personalized plan that you can stick to, and hold you accountable.

Should this app completely replace your derm? Probably not. But it’s free and can answer all your burning skincare questions, so you really have nothing to lose. 

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