Get Beauty__ Eyebrows 3 Ways: Which One Is Right For You?

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Perfecting your brows is almost necessary nowadays. Even if you want to go for that perfectly untamed look, you still need to do some upkeep to get yourself there. But should you be tweezing, waxing, or threading?

This is how your mom and your mom’s mom did their eyebrows – it’s practically age-old tradition. But does that mean it’s the best way?

Tweezing is definitely a safe bet if you’re not an experienced brow-sculptor, and that’s the best part about it. You don’t have to book a trip to the salon to tweeze your eyebrows, although you can if you want to.

Just pencil in how you want your eyebrows to look, then pluck any hairs that don’t fall into that shape. You can over-tweeze, though. Less is more when tweezing your brows.

If you can barely find the time to make it to the salon, go for waxing. Waxed brows stay sculpted longer than tweezed or threaded brows. This is also great if you have thick hair that tends to grow back quickly.

Not only will waxing keep the hair away longer, it also encourages thinner, softer regrowth. Waxing is quick, easy and fairly inexpensive when done at a salon. This isn’t something that you should try at home; it’s best left to a professional.

The most annoying part about waxing is the red “halo” it leaves above your brows. If you have sensitive skin, you should avoid having your brows waxed and opt for tweezing or threading instead.

If you like a more natural finish, you may want to try threading. Where waxing leaves you with a sharply defined line, threading works with each individual hair for a more detailed definition.

Try finding a salon that will do a thread-and-tweeze technique that involves threading the brow line, then tweezing any stray hairs afterward.

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