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When it comes to doing your hair and makeup, it seems like there are dozens of rules that we’re supposed to follow. From keeping your hair long in the summer to not wearing red lipstick if you have red hair, blah blah blah. Here's why you need to start breaking those rules:

1. No Mascara On Your Bottom Lashes

Who thought of this rule, anyway? We’re not buying it. This rule is super outdated and adding a little bit of mascara or liner to your bottom lash line is a sexy way to make your eyes pop.

2. No Dark Makeup With Light Skin and Hair

Women with fair skin and blonde hair were traditionally told to use only brown makeup— never black. But a nice dark lip or dramatic smoky eye is perfect for fall, regardless of your skin or hair color.

3. Pick A Bold Lip Or A Bold Eye

Seriously? This rule is so often stated but never backed up. Don’t let the fact that you’re wearing a little extra eyeliner deter you from using that amazing plum lipstick you just bought. Just don't.

4. No Glitter On Your Face

The idea that only super young girls should use glitter makeup is complete B.S. If you want to try some sparkly eye shadow next time you head out to drinks with your girlfriends, go for it. #foreveryoungatheart

5. Always Use Neutral Eye Shadows

If you have green eyes, a light purple shadow can really bring out the color. Orange is great for making blue eyes look bluer. Women with brown eyes can pull off almost any color. Wear whatever you feel comfortable in, that usually looks the best.

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